Uwe Ludwig – Art Work | German Version

The primary theme of Uwe Ludwig’s art is his focus on the use of space. What defines space? How can artworks transform the character of the space in which they exist?

The artist’s goal is to “structure” a given space in such a way as to transform it into a unique and recognisable entity. To achieve this he uses various media and techniques: architecture to shape and bound the space; sculpture in both interior and exterior spaces to give them unique identities and to create force fields around them; photography to discover and visualize intermediate spaces between light source and camera.

Uwe Ludwig views sculptures as objects for contemplation; they generate their own force fields and stimulate both internal and external communication. Here the size, form, surface textures and positioning of an object play a major role. The artist’s ability to immerse himself in both existing and planned spatial environments enables him to develop comprehensive designs that create meaningful interactions among the sculpture, the observers and the landscape surrounding them. The “Space Cells” is a good example of Uwe Ludwig’s work with multiple varied surfaces and structures. The polished surfaces absorb the images from their surroundings and reflect them back to the observer; in this way the art object establishes close communication with and integration into its environment.

The artist experiences architecture as sculpture. His goal is to bring the external structure of a building into a direct and communicative relationship with its surroundings. In doing this he transforms a functional object into an integrated aesthetic component of a unified space.

After working in sculpture and architecture he is developing a new dimension in his discussion of the space. In his photographic work Uwe Ludwig captures the essence of light exposing its energy to the viewer. Light is a primary element of aesthetic cognition; it structures the space it enters. The artist focuses completely on the space between object and lens and on the changes in information content that occur as light travels from its source to the camera lens. Space defined by light becomes visible. Uwe Ludwig’s photographs concentrate on the information content of the light, not on the “realistic” image it carries.