Biografie german version
30.05.1963 Born - Hagen, Westphalia
1980 - 1983 Training and Certification as a Locksmith and Metal Worker, Menden
1983 - 1987
since 1987 Artist, Sculptor
1987 - 1988 Assistant in the studio of Professor Werner Prinz, Wood Sculpture, Cologne and Schleswig-Holstein
1988 - 1991 Volunteer in the studio of Professor Josef Geratz, Wood and Stone Sculpture, Flensburg
1991 - 1992 Theatre Lighting Technician with Markus Bönzli, Schauspielhaus, Hamburg
1994 - 2000 Director the "Circulation" Agency with the painter Andrea Beichler
2000 Closing of the "Circulation" Agency
2003 - 2007 Artist and Art Advisor for the "Pan" Art Agency
2009 Cooperation with Panasonic Europe

Art and Design Concepts
Juni, Oktober 2003 Foyer Design, Deichtor Center, Hamburg
Mai - September 2003 Design for Building Spaces, Lichtblick GmbH, Hamburg
Juli 2003 Foyer Design, MEAG Real Estate GmbH, Hamburg
Juni 2003 Foyer Design, Alliance Real Estate, Hamburg
2004 Installation of Plexiglas Wall objects, Lichtblick GmbH, Hamburg
2004 Planning and Development of an Art Concept for Harbor City, Hamburg
2004 Realisation Installation of "Cuub" Living Space Steel Objects, Hamburg
2004 Presentation for Sharp Microelectronics, Hamburg
2004 Presentation for Shell Germany, Hamburg
2005 Presentation ASP, Hamburg
2007 Presentation Elbphilharmonie-Projekt, Hamburg
2007 - 2008 Temp. Art-Installation Christus-Kirche, Hamburg-Eimsbüttel
2007 - 2008 Presentation Cruise Days, Hamburg
Solo Exhibitions
1988 "Wood-art", State Office for Culture, Schleswig-Holstein
1993 "Stage Set Fragments," Tower 32 Agency, Hamburg
1995 "Works Showcase", Studio, Hamburg
1996 "Spring Exhibition," Consult Partners Group, Hamburg
2008 "Cross", Temporary Art Installation, Christuskirche Hamburg
Group Exhibitions
1998 "Skulptour '98", Contributions for the Arts, a Forum for Cultural Cooperation, Hamburg, Catalogue with Preface by Minister of Culture Christina Weiss, Hamburg
"Grand Marché for Contemporary Art", Deichtorhallen, Hamburg
2000 "Hanging Things in Dreamland", Museum of Medical History, Berlin
2000 "Bittorf Homegalerie", Hamburg
2001 "Art at Login" Annual Art Show Lower Saxony
2002 "Norddeutsche Reederei", Hamburg
2002 "North German Contemporary Art", Hamburg
2002 "Pre-X-mas Wellness", Works Exhibition in Hamburg
Art Projects
1995 "Space Objects 95", "Circulation" Agency activities for the opening of the Curio House, Hamburg
1996 "Structure and Motion", 9 installations - 12 hours, Video Performance and Exhibition, Port Project, Hamburg
"Gallery of the Future", 10 artists 14 days, Window Installations, Internal Spaces and Private Art Gallery, Karstadt AG, Hamburg
1997 "Architecture and Art", 5 Artists – 999 m2, Hamburg
1997 Art Auction with Ketterer Art Hamburg (Formerly Dörling), sponsored by DSL Bank in Hamburg
1998 "Structure and Motion 2", Sculptures and Installation Exhibition in the Closed Courtyard of Zurich House, Hamburg
1999 "Project 2000", Large Scale Project consisting of 10 designed Display Windows, a joint 20 meter long moving Installation in an Escalator Shaft, Video-Installations in and around the Escalator Shaft, Karstadt AG, Hamburg
1999 "Mir-Raum-Installation" Project in Cooperation with Andrea Beichler, Light and Steel Construction "Raum in Raum", Karstadt AG, Hamburg
2000 Final Exhibition of the "Circulation" Agency
2002 Photo Project "Knüllwald, 1-4 Landscapes," Kassel
2002 Hotel Space Installation with Sculptures, Landart Hotel in Buchholz idN, Lower Saxony
1993 "Stage Set Fragments", Schauspielhaus, Hamburg
1995 - 1996 "Light", Light and Steel Installation, Skillnet GmbH, Hamburg
1997 "Baumeister" (Builders), Advertising Agency DMB & B, Hamburg
1998 "Maritime", Steel Installation, Möhringhaus Atrium, DSL Bank, Hamburg
1999 "Steven", Foyer of Price Waterhouse & Coopers, Hamburg
2000 "Hanging", Foyer of Talkline Germany
2000 - 2001 "Cocoon", Architecture Project in Cooperation with König + Vearncombe /, Hamburg
2002 "Bug", SER, Lower Saxony
2003 "Steel Woods", 2nd Place Prize in the Space for Architecture Competition, Klöcknerhaus in Duisburg, (In cooperation with König+Vearncombe Architects), Hamburg
2004 Acryl Objects, Lichtblick - die Zukunft der Energie GmbH, Hamburg
2005 "Global", Sculpture (Open Air), Aspecta Global Group, Hamburg
2006 - 2007 "Elipse", Sculpture (Open Air) Wilmans-Park, Hamburg
2008 Art for Office, Management Board, C. H. Donner Bank, Hamburg
2008 Art for Office, Supervisory Board, Lichtblick GmbH, Hamburg
2009 Lighting Concept for Architecture, Momeni Projektentwicklung GmbH, Hamburg
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1993 September Review: "Stage Sets", Theaternews
October Artist Portrait, Hamburger Morgenpost
December Interview: Culture and Artisits Today, Radio Schleswig-Holstein
1996 February Report: "Rent a Picture", Max
February Broadcast Interview: Gallery of the Future Exhibition Opening, Hamburg 1 News
November Report: Möringhaus Exhibition, Hamburger Abendblatt
Report: Möringhaus Exhibition, Hamburger Morgenpost
December Report: “Circulation” Agency Art Auction, Welt am Sonntag
1998 October Artist Portrait: Hinz & Kunzt
October Report: “What isn’t Hanging in Our Museums”, Die Welt
Interview: Grand-Marché for Contemporary Art – Hamburg Deichtorhallen, NDR Hamburg-Journal
Report: Grand-Marché for Contemporary Art – Hamburg Deichtorhallen, Calendar of Events, Swiss Consulate General, Hamburg
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design report
2003 September Report: “Ugarith-Workgroup“, Syrian Satellite Channel, Damascus, Syria
2005 Aspecta Spirit and Solutions
2008 Television Report, Artist Portrait, NDR Hamburg